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The moral of the story is stop trying to cut in front of people. I work on a checkout and let me tell you, this is the most annoying part of the job, especially when the people get to me frustrated by their own stupidity and looking to take it out on anyone else (including me).


Is all I can say to this.
I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING. I don't exactly regret it, but.. .What the fuck...

Torn on what to rate it.

I absolutely hate the idea of Pinkie killing Dash, but at the same time it was too good to mark down much.
I might be a bit insane. The saddest thing I found about this video was that Dash never became one of the Wonderbolts.

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A little broken feeling, but that's expected in V0.65.
Has the potential to be great if we're given more interaction options.

JonFawkes responds:

There will definitely be way more interaction in the future, this was more a proof of concept

Only level I got stuck on was 16. After looking it up, it still made no sense to me. Perhaps changing the symbol from a curved arrow to a reflection would help. I thought the hint was that you needed to draw it in a clockwise manner, haha.

Fun waste of time. Could have been better, could have been worse.

Random button is awesome!

And then I said - cross my heart and hope to - twitch-a-twitch - and that's how Equestria was made!
The result of holding R for random sounds xD

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Where is this from?

I've heard it somewhere before... A few other people seem to have as well.
Firstly) How many flashes has it been used in?
Secondly) Is it based on something from Final Fantasy, perhaps? No... Something! Graargh!! I'm going insane now; thanks. >__<

FuNaNdMoRe responds:

Firstly, it has been used in 19 flashes so far. Be sure to check them out on the left side under the voting section. Maybe it was also used in a few more flashes outside Newgrounds. Who knows.

Secondly, it wasn't based on anything actually. At least I hope so.

Hopefully that could answer your questions.


Hell good music as usual! For some reason it's reminding me a bit of an 8-bit version of He's a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Keep up the good work ParagonX9!!

Also, can you recommend an audio modifying program for me? I just need to make a robot-like voice, not music :P


Most of your stuff is good, but from you I've come to expect a really exil sounding track. This sounded really cluttered and thrown-together.
I could only imagine this being used if Tricky was beating up a band >.>

7/10 because it was still acceptable and because of the awesome sounding name!

Just FYI, my favourite tracks of yours are Train Madness, Calliope and Madness 4.

cheshyre responds:

Well, sorry you didn't like this one very much! I'm glad you like the other ones!! Thanks for the 7!

Ohay. Useless accounts, yay. Check my blog, NewGrounds is pretty crap on that front. http://melodyquill.tumblr.com

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